Hi Michelle! Thank you for participating in our interview. Please tell us a little about yourself and your family.
There’s three of us – my husband works in IT, I run an online retail website and our three year old daughter is an up-and-coming geek!

Which Apple device(s) do you currently have in your household?
Two iPhones (3GS), an iPad 1, an iPad 2, an iPod Touch 4th Gen and a 21.5″ iMac.

At what age did your child start using the device(s)?
Our daughter started tapping on our phones just after her first birthday and has been hooked since then.  We made the decision to purchase an iPod Touch just for her on her third birthday, justifying it as a relatively inexpensive device to maintain after the upfront costs (given the plethora of cheap/free kids apps out there!).

What are her favourite apps? More importantly, what are your favourite apps for her?
Her favourite apps would be Tozzle, Toca Doctor, Littlest Pet Shop, Angelina Ballerina (the dress-up version), The Monster At The End of This Book.  She plays dozens more, even a few ‘grown-up’ apps such as Pocket God, Angry Birds and Minecraft.

I find some of the better apps for her educational growth have been any of the apps produced by Duck Duck Moose – eg. Park Math, Word Wagon – and she has loved preparing virtual meals (and thus learning many ingredients) from the Maverick Software suite of apps eg. Sundaes, Pizza.

How do you balance her technology time with other activities?
Due to my website commitments she has frequent babysitting time with other relatives – the iPod is left at home, and more often than not she gets outside for a play.  She is also easily swayed to go out to the backyard for a bounce on the trampoline or to help Mummy tend the garden 🙂  I think due to the fact that it is always available to her, she does not see it as a necessity – unless, of course, she has a brand new app to test out!

And finally, what skills do you hope to see your child gain from using the device(s)?
I have already seen incredible improvements in her recognition of all letters (she can understand both upper and lowercase) and subsequently she is already writing and spelling some words on her own.  I am hoping that her various story books on the iPod will help to continue improving her comprehension of words.

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